Landscape Design & Construction

Landscape Design is the second step, just after imagination. In the business of landscape architecture, we take the time to get your ideas designed out on hard-copy, together with a detailed listing of plants and materials before we begin turning soil.

This begins with your site plan and a brief conversation. The collaborative process that follows is part of what makes STRUCTURE your best local resource for this family of services.

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Landscape Construction can be a complex orchestration of design concepts, HOA/ARB approvals, drainage, irrigation, plant selections and any number of other variables. We want to begin with the landscape design and take it through to the construction phase on your time table. When we begin turning soil, it should go fast and be professionally handled

The beauty of the business is nature--the limitations can also be imposed by nature. We can't control the rain, but we can manage a construction site with order, efficiency and common sense.

Structure Landscapes is ready when you are.

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