sustainable landscaping
environmantally friendly landscaping

What are sustainable landscapes?

Sustainable landscapes are created by taking into consideration the existing ecosystem and implementing factors into the complete landscape design plan that will not detract from, and in some cases may enhance the benefits that the existing ecosystem provides. The goal is to provide attractive landscaping features that stay healthy and beautiful while preventing any negative impact or severe environmental damage.

native plants are great for sustainable landscaping
plants with low water needs are great for susteainable landscaping
a sustainable landscape plan is easy to care for once installed
low water usage landscaping

Practices that contribute to sustainable landscapes:

  • Using existing materials at the site to construct new landscaping features
  • Purchasing local and sustainable-produced plants and materials for use
  • Consideration of the life-cycle of materials used
  • Working towards zero-net waste during construction and demolition by recycling of waste materials
  • Use vegetation and reflective materials to avoid "heat island" effect
  • Use plants, paints, sealants, adhesives and other materials that contain reduced amounts of volatile organic compounds to help reduce air pollution
  • Protect and use existing vegetation where applicable
  • Use vegetation that promotes a regional identity and a sense of place
  • Make good plant choices that help avoid invasive pests that could damage local ecosystems

By considering the impact your landscape project may have on the environment and planning accordingly, your project can help make a positive enhancement not just on your property, but in your community in general. We will be glad to work with you to develop a complete plan for your landscaping project that takes sustainability issues into account during every aspect of job, no matter what the scale.

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