synthetic turf installation
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Artificial Turf Installation

Artificial Turf / Synthetic Grass is a modern and practical way to beautify your yard and landscaped areas. The benefits of converting to synthetic turf include not having to worry about mowing and maintenance, saving moneyáon your water billáby eliminating the need to water constantly, and protecting the environment by not having to use potentially harmful chemicals for weed control.

Our artificial turf installation process starts with removing all of the dead or unwanted grass by excavating by hand or with a Bobcat or similar equipment for larger areas. Once the base is prepared we'll install any drainage components that are necessary to your specific installation, followed by a protective weed barrier. Next we cut the synthetic turf to fit the prepared area and roll out the turf into the base. After preliminary positioning, we make sure all the seams join together properly during the adhesive process, following with weighing down the seams while the adhesive cures to ensure the seams invisibility.áThen we will trim any excess turf and tuck any edges that are necessary to finish with a clean and crisp look. Finally we'll add antimicrobial acrylic coated sand infill, which will ensure that the blades stay pointed vertically.

synthetic turf installation
synthetic turf is great around pools
backyard putting green made with synthetic turf
weather resistant synthetic turf grass

The final result will be a durable, attractive surface that is virtually maintenance free, and blends naturally with the rest of your organic landscape features. If you have any questions about whether a synthetic turf / artificial grass solution is best for your particular needs, please call us today at (512) 905-4267 and we will be glad to help you.